Stitches - Cocaine Holiday

Album Name: Stitches - Cocaine Holiday Album Download

Genre: Rap
Format: Mp3


1. So Cold

2. Periko

3. I Try To Change

4. Gangsta Forever

5. All I Wanted Was A Kilo

6. Loose My Mind

7. Fuck You

8. Feel Good (Ft. Kevin Gates)

9. Escape

10. I Know

11. Through The Mail

12. Pills & Liquor

13. Tired Of It

14. Never Had Shit (Ft. Str8 Kash)


Venomous2000 & Trilian - Sounds Of The Great Ones

Album Name: Venomous2000 & Trilian - Sounds Of The Great Ones Album Download

Genre: Hip-Hop
Format: Mp3


1. Intro

2. Know Things (Ft. DJ TMB)

3. Hot Damn (Ft. The Artifacts, Tiye Phoenix & DJ Trickalome)

4. Homecoming (Ft. Marie Kanu & Profetesa Beats)

5. Rock The Bells (Ft. Reks, Crayz Walz & DJ TMB)

6. My Grandma Used To Say (Ft. Marie Kanu & Profetesa)

7. Products Of Environment (Ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Cella Dwellas)

8. Marvelous (Planet-Ill)

9. Make Ya Speakers Pop (Ft. 9th Prince, Inspectah Deck, NLZ & DJ TMB)

10. Psalms 76

11. It's Over (Ft. DJ TMB)


Kamakaze & Massappeals - Royal Blud

Album Name: Kamakaze & Massappeals - Royal Blud Album Download

Genre: Rap
Format: Mp3


1. Year Of The Kamdog

2. Pull Ups

3. Wifey

4. Run 4 Ur Money

5. Where's The Love My G


GrandeMarshall - Risk / Reward

Album Name: GrandeMarshall - Risk / Reward Album Download

Genre: Rap
Format: Mp3


1. Risk

2. Stress

3. That's On My Word

4. 2nd Chances (Ft. Tunji Ige)

5. Pauly Speaks (Ft. Pauly Sue)

6. Adore

7. Ahh Man

8. In My Lifetime (4 Summers)


Post Malone Ft. Quavo - Congratulations

Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill

Fetty Wap Ft. Lil Joe - Bad Lil Bitch

Jonah Cruzz - Just To Get By

Album Name: Jonah Cruzz - Just To Get By Album Download

Genre: Rap
Format: Mp3


1. Baby Boy

2. Once Upon Of Time

3. Dolla Bills Yall

4. Sometimes

5. Just To Get By

6. Wheels Fall Off

7. Ghetto Potrait

8. Bill Cosby

9. Rollin

10. Friday

11. P.F.M.Y.N

12. Thank God

13. Letter To My Father

14. Bring Me Down


New tracks

Didi J Ft. Shaggy - Say No More

Sahtyre - Momma's Sun (CDQ)

Migos Ft. Lil Uzi Vert - Bad & Boujee (Acapella) (CDQ)

Key! - Everyday

Famous Dex - Tony Hawk

R-Mean Ft. P Knuckle & Patrick Antonian - Bang On 'Em (CDQ)

RRose RRome - How To Rob 2017 (CDQ)

Migos Ft. Lil Uzi Vert - Bad Commas (Bad & Boujee / Fuck Up Some Commas Mashup)

550 Ft. Future - Lights

Ali G - I Can't Lie (CDQ)

The Skins Ft. Lil Yachty, Jazz Cartier, Nessly & D.R.A.M. - Bury Me (Remix)

Russ - Used To You (CDQ)

Niqle Nut - Ball Out

Venomous2000 & Trilian Ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Cella Dwellas - Products Of Environment (CDQ)

Stitches Ft. Kevin Gates - Feel Good (CDQ)

GrandeMarshall Ft. Tunji Ige - 2nd Chances

Venomous2000 & Trilian Ft. Reks, Crayz Walz & DJ TMB - Rock The Bells (CDQ)

Hus Kingpin Ft. Rozewood - Tombstones In The Sky

Stitches Ft. Str8 Kash - Never Had Shit (CDQ)

Khalil - What Is It

Trapo - Officer Down

Fetty Wap Ft. Lil Joe - Bad Lil Bitch (CDQ)

Venomous2000 & Trilian Ft. 9th Prince, Inspectah Deck, NLZ & DJ TMB - Make Ya Speakers Pop (CDQ)

Prodigy - Make America Great Again: Mafuckin USA (CDQ)

Khalil - One More Time

Fetty Wap - With You (Official Version)

Sunny Woodz Ft. Mick Jenkins, Twista & Supa Bwe - OnNat (Pull Up)

Nutso Ft. Kool G Rap - iLL Street

Khalil - OMG

Chrisette Michele - No Political Genius

Derez Deshon - Yung Nigga

Wolfie Ft. Nadia Rose - Better Than Me

Royce Da 5'9'' - Beats Keep Callin' (Freestyle)

Vybz Kartel - Closed Casket

Didi J Ft. Shaggy - Say No More

Quentin Miller Ft. CJ Francis IV - Grey Steel

Dwagie Ft. Raekwon - Words To Trump